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Welcome to the end of the earth. 


Tempest Bay is a charming New Zealand town where the Old Ways still hold. People come here to feel alive again. But the price can be high... 

​Tempest Bay exists in novellas, podcasts, and interactive experiences.

We’re building it one step at a time as an indie studio.

If you’re on your own strange journey, with a taste for folk horror, welcome. Care for a free ebook to start?

Tempest Bay is a fictional setting for stories about obsessive people navigating the borderland between civilisation and madness. 


It's also a place for creators of all kinds to play. 


The Project Tempest Workbench contains source material including a world guide, map, inspirations, concept art, original music, and reference images… [learn more]

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Rediscover yourself in a time of madness. 

Her Mad Song imagines a world on the cusp of emotional climate change: a profound shift in how our inner lives connect to the places around us... [learn more]

"… hauntingly lyrical and delightfully strange .... highly original in tone, concept, and execution .... visceral and evocative imagery."

- Booklife Prize (Publisher's Weekly)

Finalist in the 2019-20 Australasian Horror Awards

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