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about C J | creator & author

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I’m Colin ‘C J’ Halbard. I live in Wellington, New Zealand, in a wooden house on a high hill. 


I’ve spent my life building things. This has taken me into film, creative agencies, disaster recovery, government, tech startups, journalism, and video games. 


But at the core of it, almost everything ends up being about outsiders trying to make sense of the world, because, well, that’s me. 


I do two main things these days: 

  • Writing and speaking about Project Tempest, a horror-based story setting on the wild New Zealand coast

  • Strategy consulting to ambitious startups through my company Man on Fire


If you’re interested in some things to check out, the Project Tempest Podcast, Story Workbench, free 1862 novella, and Man on Fire manifesto are good places to start. 


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