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Simon Pulman is a New York based lawyer and advisor focusing on tv, film, and interactive, including influencers and e-sports. Simon thinks and writes a great deal about the fast evolving landscape of entertainment and digital content - the present and future of how creators connect with audiences worldwide.


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(00:00) - Introduction 

(03:38) - Simon’s origin story & how gaming has evolved

(12:49) - Early Gaming memories - Atari, Ninja Turtles, and more

(26:15) - The creative starting point

(30:13) - Realities of building IP 

(36:05) - Making and evolving beloved franchises like Resident Evil over decades 

(47:09) - The shift from storytelling to storymaking

(53:02) - Shared worldbuilding & fan-service including the Metro Universe

(59:13) - Economic responsibilities & partnered ecosystems

(63:37) - Future expectations: the reduction of traditional media


Super Mario Bros the Movie

Street Fighter the movie

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Resident Evil: Village

Metro universe

What is an entertainment company in 2021, and why does the answer matter? - essay by venture capitalist Matthew Ball

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Producer for this podcast is Kearin Armstrong.