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the tempest files


Tempest Bay so quiet, the call of birds out over the ocean, as I leave the bookstore once more at dawn. 

What I've learned:

The world that's coming is weirder, darker, and more beautiful than anything  before. Tempest Bay with its hidden rituals and tangled family trees and twists of art and madness is just the harbinger.  

We discover and create the future by journeying there. It could have elements of everything from cosmic horror to post-human consciousness to a life of shamanistic communion amid the collapsed embers of megacities. Or we could be frozen in suburban consumerism, desperately staring into our coffee cups as our minds try to get through one more day of ignoring everything above and below. 

The journey is ours to make, or not, together. But we’ll all be in Tempest Bay before long. 

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