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Project Tempest


Our dreams are like ships on a vast ocean. But there’s strange weather coming, and we’re all in danger of getting lost… 

At its heart, Project Tempest is about using stories to navigate a world going mad. It’s in three main parts: 

a haunted town named tempest Bay

A setting for rich tales of darkness and light 

Down on the wild south coast of New Zealand, right at the ends of the earth, there’s a place where mysteries run deep. In Tempest Bay emotions and mental states are like the weather: fierce, changeable, wildly creative and destructive. The vast southern ocean, stretching all the way to Antarctica, holds primordial forces that terrified ancient navigators and whalers. The town itself has a dark, tangled history that still echoes in abandoned buildings and the eldritch sitting rooms of old families.

Inspired by everything from H.P. Lovecraft, The Wicker Man, Under Milk Wood, and The Long Dark, Tempest Bay is where cosmic horror meets personal truth.

conversations with creators

To share journeys, struggles, and inspirations


The Project Tempest Podcast features everyone from writers and technologists to game designers and an H.P. Lovecraft scholar, in open, wide-ranging discussion of what it means to make things in the world.

the tempest files

A trail of secrets and history


Follow investigator Bronwyn Miles as she unearths the hidden diaries and last revelations of a troubled family tree.

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