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her mad song


The strange and haunting tale of rediscovering yourself in

a time of madness. 

Shortlisted for the 2020 Shirley Jackson Award

Rediscover yourself in a time of madness.

It’s a strange time in Tempest Bay, the haunted New Zealand town at the end of the earth. A pair of mysterious travellers arrive in search of a lost scientist. Sheltering on the high wild clifftops, they must navigate a labyrinth of secrets below as a long-awaited storm makes landfall.

Her Mad Song imagines a world on the cusp of emotional climate change: a profound shift in how our inner lives connect to the places around us. The warring forces of this world are kindness and cruelty, creativity and death, history and memory and possibility and the deep primordial terror that echoes from the ocean to the stars.

Welcome to Tempest Bay.

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