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As we build Tempest Bay, this podcast is where we have conversations with creators from around the globe. Frequent topics include struggles and inspirations, writing, books, video games, mental health, and things we love. 

Thank you for being part of the journey with us.

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Show notes for Lovecraft's Letters & Influence, S.T. Joshi II

Show notes for Evangelia Artemis-Gomez, What's Gonna Happen

Show notes for A.I. & Narrative Design

Show notes for A.I., copyright & creators

Show notes for 2022 Year in Review

Show notes for Tara Lomax - secrets of blockbuster franchises

Show notes for Jeff Gomez - narrative, story worlds, and transmedia

Show notes for Ed McRae III, trilogy complete

Show notes for Simon Pulman, dealmaker & strategist

Show notes for Bonnie Harris-Lowe, game designer and writer

Show notes for Nick Jones, narrative designer & transmedia storyteller

Show notes for Lee Murray, Bram Stoker-winning horror writer

Show notes for Fabian Nicieza, comic book writer and novelist

Show notes for Ed McRae 2, the Horror Returns

Show notes for S.T. Joshi, Lovecraft scholar and cheerful pessimist

Show notes for Simon Pulman, entertainment lawyer and strategist

Show notes for Jason Killingsworth, Tune & Fairweather publishing

Show notes for Sarah Beaulieu, author & narrative designer

Show notes for James Everett, extending reality

Show notes for Ed McRae, writer & narrative designer

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