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I'm Bronwyn Miles and I never thought I'd be spending my days as an amateur sleuth.

Three months in Tempest Bay now. Trapped in this strange little town on the edge of the world, trying to uncover what lies beneath its charming surface. 

I’m doing my best to pull the strands together and stay sane. Moving about by day, carefully, then staying locked up in the old second hand bookstore at night. Uploading these files to the server when I can. 

Bronwyn bookstore 2_edited.jpg

I know I'm obsessed. It's got me. But there are things here I've never encountered. Glimpses that've changed my mind about what’s happening in the world. 

Sometimes it’s snatches of philosophy, art, exotic science. More often it’s voices. People's memories, their diaries, their struggles with madness and horror. They emerge out of the darkness, speaking of the past and the future. Storms, shipwrecks, rituals, journeys. One particular twisted and fascinating family.


There’s a secret story behind Tempest Bay. Behind everything. If I can just decipher it. If you’ll help me.

I need a cup of chamomile tea so badly I could scream.

my research so far

Ham Plumber - 1862

We're all going mad

Hedy Borgen - 2019

The science of emotional climate change

Tempest Bay Art Society

Freedom and frenzy

investigator notes #1

What's truly going on on the psychosphere

madge plumber - 1933

Rituals and sacrifice

Durac Plumber - 1972

The Manifesto of the Mad

Iris Marriott - 1987


the walker in the woods

Pursued in our dreams

investigator notes #2

Rewilding our imaginations

lydia marriott-Plumber - 2021

Videogames are a rehearsal

DOREEN Plumber - 1956

The scream in the bookstore


The vast ocean

Investigator notes #3

Beyond the horizon

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