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colin 'CJ' Rowsell


"Quest Giver" Interactive Dialogue

Creative goals: the joke that becomes a horror story. ​

My role: writing, scripting. 

"Last Call" Audio Prose

Creative goals: establish an intense emotional journey of memory and connection.


Focus on human voice; this is part of an audio piece. 


My role: creative direction and writing. 

"Tempest" TV Series Overview

Creative goals: characters, world, and themes within a highly expandable mystery / horror IP.

My role: creative direction, AI art, writing. 

"1862" Full Story

Creative goals: love meets Lovecraft on the 19th century frontier.

"… hauntingly lyrical and delightfully strange .... highly original in tone, concept, and execution .... visceral and evocative imagery." Booklife Prize (Publisher's Weekly)

Finalist in the 2020 Australasian Horror Awards


My role: writing. 

1862 Cover Small File FINAL 2021.jpg
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