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A.I. & Creators


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Two leading entertainment dealmakers and intellectual property experts talk about Artificial Intelligence and its urgent real-world impact on creators and copyrights. You're making things with AI tools, but who owns it? This fascinating conversation goes everywhere from case law and Hollywood risk management to monkey selfies and Steamboat Willie the horror movie. A must-listen for any creator or dealmaker grappling with the torrent of issues and opportunities that AI presents.


Scott Sholder & Simon Pulman are both entertainment attorneys based in New York. Scott focuses primarily on intellectual property and litigation, while Simon focuses primarily on dealmaking and business issues. 

This is Scott's first appearance on the podcast, and Simon's third.

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Here are the timestamps for the episode. On some podcast players you should be able to click the timestamp to jump to that time.

(00:00) Introduction
(06:27) Making things with AI tools - who owns it? 
(15:48) The monkey selfie and the copyright case
(28:34) A massive shift in content creation - can the law keep up?
(37:45) Public domain characters + AI, Steamboat Willie the horror movie, smart risk management
(49:50) Training AI models on other people’s creative work - privacy / policy / copyright implications
(1:04:16) The big picture - how fast can government move, vs tech?
(1:22:10) AI Kurt Cobain & finishing up

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The producer for this podcast is Kearin Armstrong and the production assistant is Prea Millar.

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