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fabian nicieza


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Fabian Nicieza is a writer of long-standing in the comic book industry. With over a thousand credits in a 30 year career, he has worked on Marvel titles such as X-Men, X-Force, New Warriors, Cable, Deadpool, and Thunderbolts, and is likely best known as the co-creator of Deadpool; his work on DC titles includes Robin, Superman and the Justice League.
More recently, Fabian’s debut novel, Suburban Dicks, a mystery wrapped in a comedy, has been called an engrossing and entertaining murder mystery, and a ceaselessly funny debut novel.

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Here are the timestamps for the episode. On some podcast players you should be able to click the timestamp to jump to that time.

(00:00) - Introduction 
(00:58) - Formative experiences: The Amazing Spider-Man #91, learning storytelling through art
(18:41) - Early career: Berkley Publishing, Marvel
(21:43) - Becoming a writer: working up the ladder, pitching ideas, developing relationships, writing stories
(31:27) - Professional vs. amateur 
(37:08) - Suburban Dicks: understanding difference through religion, institutions, immigration. The cynical-optimist axis 
(44:01) - Human desire for belief and religious acceptance. Self-destruction via social media
(49:35) - Suburban Dicks: 25 year long process from 1995. Racial diversity, caucasian fear and demographic change 
(58:50) - The process of editing and refining work
(1:05:49) - Personal experience as an inspirational shortcut. Adapting from comics to prose writing. James Ellroy & Hunter Thompson 
(1:11:49) - Writing in a cocoon, chapter-break cliffhangers the slow reality of book publishing 
(1:23:51) - Advice for young creators
(1:27:45) - Author website, twitter, newsletter 
(1:28:26) - Finishing up. 

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The producer for this podcast is Kearin Armstrong and the production assistant is Prea Millar.

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