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the tempest files



Hedy Borgen, 2019:

An Australian climatologist who was in Tempest Bay not long ago.

I imagine her roaming the clifftops, measuring and thinking.

These notes were found folded into an old journal made from unusual leather.


Hedy Borgen.png

Hedy Borgen - 2019

"...Jean-Pierre Perraudin, back in the 1810s, trying to convince people that glaciers and boulders in Switzerland might be signs of something going on. Grace Hopper arguing in the 1940s that programming languages could be universal, and maybe the worldwide market for computers was more than the head of IBM had thought (Tom Watson’s guess was reputedly 5. Yes, 5 computers globally).

People who see further are always laughed at. Initially.  

A hundred and fifty years ago, the idea that carbon buildup in the atmosphere could fundamentally change the planet was an outsider concept. Now look what's happening. But there's more, so much more, I see that now. It's not just physical. 

There's a dark shadow to it all. Emotional climate change.The world inside our heads is real, joined up, a landscape that connects all our minds and imaginations. And we're burning it like a forest fire. 

It’s no secret that in recent years there’s been a terrifying rise in mental health issues, anxiety depression, body image, suicide. But is just the beginning. 

Our collective dreams and nightmares are going to--


Last Known:

Well I know where she ended up, of course. Poor thing. No coming back from that. 


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