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the tempest files



Lydia Marriott-Plumber, 2021:

The daughter of Iris Marriott, the videogame designer. Keeps up the family tradition of indie video games, but very different than her mother ever was.


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LydiaMarriott-Plumber - 2021

"There is a vast gulf out there in the Imaginal Realm. 

Between all of human history and imagination, a black void, like the space beyond our solar system. 

Many people have journeyed there, individually. Most have gone mad. But we need to build vessels and maps and lanterns to truly navigate. Weird perspectives, rewilded imaginations, different ways of looking for patterns in the sky. Crossing the gulf is a collective journey. 

It's dangerous. Parts of the crossing are going to be truly horrible. There are almost certainly monsters out there. Almost certainly. Things, presences, timescales so different and vast that they will eat us if they even notice us. 

But other aspects of this journey will open up freedom and connection and new ways of experiencing the beauty of the world, and each other. 

Videogames are a rehearsal for this, I hope. Test runs for imagining what's beyond, together. 


Last known:

Lydia got out of Tempest Bay. I'm pretty sure she's still in  Tokyo. I need to go there too, if I can ever escape this place.


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