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Anti-Corporate A.I.?

Could bootleg artificial intelligence agents save us from late-stage capitalism?

The evolution of A.I. technology is a fascinating topic. The idea of having an AI assistant is particularly appealing, but raises questions about the future of work and the impact of technology on society.

Talking on the Project Tempest Podcast, videogame narrative designer Nick Jones discusses the fast evolution of tools like ChatGPT, and the questions that arise from it.

We're already living in a science fiction world in many ways, as many of the things that were once considered futuristic have become a daily reality. It'll be interesting to see how this new technology converges with late-stage capitalism and a society that is gradually crumbling. It could lead to a situation where big corporations replace all of their employees with A.I., leading to a collapse of the economy unless there are radical interventions like universal basic income. On the other hand, A.I. could help people navigate through the rubble of that broken civilisation.

The question remains: what happens when we can't trust big corporations or governments to use this technology ethically? Will they just use it to monitor and control people? Or could anti-capitalist and anti-establishment factions develop their own, more ethical versions of A.I. that emerge and help fight the good fight? ? In the end, it'll be scary and interesting to see where all of this goes.

In the audio clip, Nick breaks down more of the possibilities for a world reshaped by A.I.

Nick Jones is a transmedia storyteller and senior narrative designer for Sharkmob Games, and author of the book “The Player and the Pentacle: Folkloric Motifs for Narrative Design”

Follow Nick on twitter, visit his LinkedIn, and get your copy of The Player and The Pentacle.

The Project Tempest Podcast is where creators from around the globe talk with author C J Halbard about their journeys, struggles, and inspirations.


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