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Simon Pulman is a New York based lawyer and advisor focusing on tv, film, and interactive, including influencers and e-sports. Simon thinks and writes a great deal about the fast evolving landscape of entertainment and digital content - the present and future of how creators connect with audiences worldwide.

This is Simon's second appearance on the podcast. Follow his writing at www.linkedin.com/in/simonpulman/


Here are the timestamps for the episode. On some podcast players you should be able to click the timestamp to jump to that time.

(00:00) - Introduction
(00:54) - Elden Ring: Bringing a generation together 
(10:17) - IP properties across film and television: Marvel, Westworld, Severance. 
(21:57) - Video game deals. Arcane. Halo, Mandalorian. Gaming vs TV 
(32:03) - Dealmaking: Navigating creative landscapes and industries
(39:54) - Gaming is dominating the global entertainment space
(54:09) - The Netflix model’s implications for long-term viability 
(1:01:56) - South by Southwest trends, NFTs, creating the digital Disney. 
(1:22:22) - Creators: Benjamin McKenzie (The OC) Jonathan Nolan (Westworld, Fallout) Ella Purnell (Yellowjackets) 
(1:30:08) - Advice to young creators and dealmakers.

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