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the tempest files


Midnight in the bookstore. Scratching through these old files and photos. Pieces emerging, starting to come together. 

What I've Put together so far:
Bronwyn bookstore 2_edited.jpg

Certain people in this region, over the last 150 years, have come to believe that reality is not what it seems. Driven by these beliefs, they've committed strange, shocking, sometimes weirdly beautiful acts, trying to reach further into unseen territory. 

1. People’s inner landscapes are real and connected. Call it the psychosphere, the joined-up basement, the imaginal realm: human imagination is much more than just ‘things in our heads’.  

2. Like physical climate change, there are inner storms coming. We’re entering a time of convulsions in our collective consciousness.

This will look and feel like a world going mad.

It’ll look and feel like Tempest Bay. 

The whole idea is so wild and lunatic it feels like utter nonsense - but then there's the truth of what I've been experiencing here myself...

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