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Madge Plumber, 1933:

Recorded by Susan Payne, a newspaper reporter for the Tempest Bay Observer, investigating rumors of unnatural occurrences in the town.


It's all about the rituals, the sacrifice, the back and forth. We used to go down to the beach and offer things up. Felt like it had a rightness to it. A completion. Standing bare and honest before the earth and sky and  sea.

[Q: but people vanished. People died. There were murders.]

We give and we receive. That’s the only true rhythm of it.

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Madge Plumber - 1933


Last known:

Madge's tale was a dark one. She'd given birth to a boy named Philip Plumber Balthazar who was taken by the Wellington authorities. In 1956 Philip and his girlfriend Anna Bathory left a trail of blood all along the south coast, driving their famous canary yellow Morris Minor, before returning to Tempest Bay in search of his birth mother. 


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