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the tempest files



Durac Plumber, 1972:

A visionary and controversial artist who'd cut a swathe through New York gallery circles.

At the age of twenty nine he threw it all in, came back home to live in a shoreline cave on Tempest Bay. 

I found these words scratched on buried pieces of driftwood two days ago, with a canvas bag of old photos I won't look at again.


Vintage Polaroid Frame.png

Durac Plumber - 1972

"Lovecraft feared this place. I dwell here. 

I speak for no one but I want to speak for the mad. 

The mad want fresh access to their own dreams and what lies beyond. To rediscover the vast depths of ourselves. 


In less than 200 years, the human race has lost almost all contact with the outer realms. 

The mad anticipate a world where computers and machines do computer and machine things while humans stop making themselves into walking meatsack abacuses. 

Everything BUT reason. Everything BUT algorithms. Everything BUT the comfort of lifeless illusions. 

The mad know we must rewild our imaginations, and ourselves, to grow in the soil of time."    


Last known:

Durac Plumber disappeared from his cave in June 1974, amid local controversy over certain folk ceremonies taking place in the town. 


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